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Along with its wonders, life will present all of us with difficult challenges, losses, and other sources of painful and frightening emotion. Sometimes these challanges are "everyday," and sometimes they are "traumatic." I offer an understanding environment in which to help you with the difficulties and difficult feelings that you face.

We can work together to:

  • Cope with the problems that confront you in your life, for example break-ups or other conflicts in your personal or professional relationships, social isolation, or traumatic loss of a loved one
  • Grapple with the painful feelings that may come with these events like hurt, loneliness, fear and sadness
  • Understand and challenge the devaluating convictions that you may hold about yourself like "I am a failure," "No one cares about me."
  • Help with low-esteem, arresting self-criticism, emotional flatness, isolation, self-destructiveness, compulsiveness, and other feelings and behaviors that such degrading convictions can produce.

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